Keralase™ Hair Restoration



1 session $400

4 sessions $1000

What is Keralase ™?

Revolutionary treatment designed to stimulate hair growth and improve scalp health using Lutronic™ Ultra laser and KeraFactor. This treatment has showed significant improvements in scalp revitalization and promoting hair growth.

 The Synergy of Keralase and Kerafactor:

  • Keralase treatment creates tiny “microchannels” in the scalp.
  • Microchannels increase absorption of compounds.
  • KeraFactor® serum has proprietary biomimetic synthetic versions of growth factors and proteins which provide a new, multifaceted topical formulation.

Key Benefits of Keralase Hair Restoration:

  • Revitalized the scalp
  • Increases hair thickness
  • Promotes hair growth
  • Improvement in scalp and hair health


  • Hair Loss
  • Thinning Hair

Risks and Side Effects:

Prior to treatment all potential risks and side effects will be discussed.
Typical side effects may include:

  • Redness
  • Swelling
  • Skin Irritation
  • Allergic reaction to any of the ingredients

**Service price is subjective to change depending on patients' skin conditions.**



  • Wash hair (do not use conditioner) the night before your treatment. Hair must be clean and free of hair products. Any moisture or product could cause the laser to be absorbed by the hair and result in damage.
  • Remain out of the sun or use sun protection (SPF or Hat) for a week before and after treatment.

Post Care 

  • Do not was the hair for at least 24 hours after treatment to allow the product to fully penetrate.
  • Once the hair and scalp dry naturally, may resume normal activities including the application of hair products. 
  • After the treatment you may notice that hairs in the the telogen phase (resting phase) may be shed by any slight trauma due to the laser treatment. This does not always occur, but please do not be alarmed if it occurs. 


Area & Sessions: Half Scalp Single Session