HydraFacial for Anti Aging and Acne Treatment

HydraFacial is a medical-grade anti-aging treatment that unclogs pores as well as hydrates the skin. First, it gently cleanses and exfoliates to reveal a new layer of fresh skin. Then, since resurfacing - exfoliation of the skin is carried out gently, and it has a relaxing effect.

New York Skin Expert Jamie Kim Skincare Routine and Tips

There's no such thing as an instant fix for your skin - it takes time and consistent use of products to see results. New York skin care expert Jamie Kim explains. The goal of a beauty skincare routine is to make sure your complexion is looking its best and to address any areas you want to improve.


所有皮肤年轻化的目的都是为了让皮肤变得更光滑、更年轻。换肤是皮肤再生的一个常见例子,它是一种技术,指的是任何物理去除皮肤上层的治疗或程序。皮肤表面重修的目的是使用各种技术去除皮肤表面的受损细胞,包括激光、光处理和酸。这些不同的嫩肤方法的侵入程度会有所不同,有些方法需要相当长的停机时间才能恢复。 各种技术,包括激光、光疗和酸。这些不同的嫩肤方法的侵入程度会有所不同,有些方法需要相当长的停机时间才能恢复。


在与经验丰富的美容师进行 Hydrafacial 时,他们会在开始手术前讨论并帮助您确定您的皮肤类型和状况,以确定如何最好地使用 Hydrafacial 来治疗痤疮和抗衰老,并重新平衡油脂- 皮肤中的水分比例。