"You are all beautiful. 
Receive this unfiltered truth"

"You are all beautiful.

Receive this unfiltered truth"
Our Story

Skin Solutions New York was established in 2015 in a quaint and boutique space in Queens, New York. What began as a modest clinic, with a clientele from just the tri-state area, we now have clients from across the country. Many travel miles just for our exclusive laser treatments. With the spread of our clientele, we realize every day that people are earnestly seeking solutions for their skincare concerns. Everybody needs good skin care health. Everybody deserves good skin care health. It is our honor to join each and every one of you on your journey.

Our Specialty

We have expert staff who are highly-trained in the medical aesthetic industry. We specialize in facial rejuvenation, anti-aging, and scar care. We provide premiere treatments in skin care such as LaserFacial®, HydraFacial®, Cutera®, Candela™, Ultherapy®, and Lutronic®. Above all, we have the utmost confidence in our powerful acne treatment: SKINSOL TOTAL ACNE TREATMENT TM . Our treatment has improved the skin condition and lives of over 5,000 acne clients.

Our Misson

You are beautiful. Receive this unfiltered truth. This is what we want our clients to feel every time they walk out of our doors. Our greatest dedication is to our patients and their skin health. Whether our clinic is your first stop or the middle of many stops, we want Skin Solutions New York to be your last stop.

Solutions. Personalized Care. Trust. 
We provide carefully constructed solutions that are customized to a patients’ goals. We take the time and care to understand the issue and come up with an extensive personalized plan. No two people are the same. We do not just recommend the same treatment to everybody. We also have highly trained professionals who are veterans in the medical aesthetic industry. We require to take annual continuing education classes to supplement their certifications.

A message from our founder, Jamie Kim
"You are all beautiful. Receive this unfiltered truth"

Every individual that walks through the doors of Skin Solutions New York deserves good skin health – and that is where I step in. I will work with you every step of the way to reveal and maintain amazing skin. Allow me to be your very own skin counselor and help you in your journey to healthy skin.

We live in a society that is hyper-focused on an unrealistic, airbrushed images. This affects us all, even me! The first thing we notice in each other is outer appearances, especially our skin conditions. I have felt the pain of many of my patients who are negatively affected on their daily basis by societal judgement of their skin. Statements like “I don’t like being in front of people.” or “I don’t feel confident because of my skin condition.” breaks my heart.

Skin issues are vast in number; acne, scars, and aging are just some of the more well-known issues. I can help determine your specific trouble areas and tailor the best plan for your skin health, a combination of treatments that addresses the external skin, followed by my coaching for what you can change internally. Skin health does not just concern outer aesthetic, but also one’s life habits.

It brings me great joy when my patients return with remarkably improved skin and newly found confidence. In the end, my greatest hope and mission is that all my patients recognize their true beautiful selves which were there all along. I would love to challenge others in the industry to promote this mission, so that we can together help people look and feel great.